winter storage Questions

by Mark
(Miramichi NB)

Hey Guys I bought last fall an 82 Honda Interstate SIlverwing 500 so when I finally become road ready I'll have the bike already. Bought her used from original owner, she's only dropped once, by no ones' fault other then the ground was soft an he didn't get to her fast enough. Shes' been well maintained, and in fact I just got her back from the shop, where the boys went' over her with a fine toothed comb, put a new battery in her this fall, and getting ready for storage.

I have a question, when putting her away for the winter months, FYI we get like -30 or colder weather temps, should I bring the battery out of her into the house where it is warm, an should it be on a trickle charger???

Editor's Reply: Under all but the most severe of conditions, a trickle charger should be fine. Since I never see -30 degrees in el paso, I'm not really a good judge on what to do here. I would probably take the battery out and keep it tended inside especially if it's not too difficult to remove the battery. That will eliminate any unforseen damage from cold temps. Anyone else have a suggestion?

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