Why did I sell my Wing

by Paul
(Phila, PA ...USA)

Honda Has it All

Honda Has it All

People rarely admit when they make mistakes ....but I have to confess

that one of my big mistakes was selling my beautiful Black/Chrome 1500 all done up to perfection without moving into an 1800 at the same time...I have owned Honda's since 1968 starting with a 50cc Mini-Trail...I need to be in Lake George the first week in June 2011
on nothing less than a Wing or I will not be there.
The current Recession started 3 years ago for me....operating a small business times have been tough and I have tried to make due with mint 750 four I have in the garage...it just beats the snot out of a lot of bikes out there, and tons of fun, but when you want hit the ROAD there's nothing like the Wing. I would like to aquire a 2006 like the one modeled above in the pictures either Burgandy or Black, actually prefer the Black. Maybe someone reading this note knows where I might find one.


Editor's Note: Good luck Paul in your search for an 06 Goldwing. They are out there.

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