What did I see in Pickering?

by Roger Sim
(NW United Kingdom)

I was in Pickering,North Yorkshire the other day and a three wheel motor bike (trike?) stopped opposite me in a traffic jam.

I asked the guy riding it what was it was and he told me it was a Honda-I can't remember the model but I asked him about speed and he said over the ton.I did'nt have much time to talk to him as the traffic was moving.
It was in superb condition and looked very powerful.He had a passenger on the pillion.
Can anyone tell me what it might have been as it fascinated me. (Probably because of my younger days riding BSA 250's and Triumph twins).
If any of you experts can come up with a photo or two I'm certain I'll recognise it.

Editor's Note: Roger, most of the Honda trikes are usually based on a goldwing or VTX1800 or 1300 platform but based on what you have given us, I can only guess.

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Aug 03, 2012
re anon posting
by: Roger Sim

Thanks for the vid.
It looks something like the machine I saw but this one was all silver.

Aug 02, 2012
Could this be what you saw mate??
by: Anonymous

I found a video of what I think your talkin' about....


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