V-6 transverse Gold Wing

by cec

have a 1984 1200 wing,but i,ll be removing the motor,rear swing arm wheel etc.and grafting a v-6 transverse Old,s motor and more or less complete tranny and suspention about where the rear wheel would be. by using the wing front frame faring front end etc. i would prevent registration hassles and have the benefit of the honda set-up.would,nt lack power an automatic to boot.i,ve not heard of it done but sometimes it,s good to go the other way.from a mechanical piont of view i don,t think it would be that tough,wiring may be a bit more challenging,i got time now that i,m retired.by the way i appreciate you,re site,keep it up,thanks

Editor's Reply: Wow Cec, keep us advised with the progress of this really cool project. Perhaps some updates as it comes along. I think it's great and I thank you for sharing.

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