Total Wingnut starting 1980 to present.

by Don E
(Carlisle Pa)

Started riding Wing in the 80s when it was made full touring bike. The durability these bikes made me not even think about the American made machine which I rode in the 60's and gave up riding for all the problems they had. As the years progressed raising a family and when they were headed out on their own I was introduced to the Goldwing. Very hesitant at first to get away from American made I consented and trusted my neighbor who already had one. The rest is history still going dead ahead. I've owner 1100ccs 1200cc 1500cc and now the 1800cc and I would not give the Goldwing up for another bike made, I Feel they are all spinning their wheels!

Editor's Note: No question that the Goldwing is one of the finest most reliable bikes made. And let it be known that there are lots of great bikes out there including American made. Thanks for your contribution and keep enjoying those Wings.

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