The Glory of the British Twins

by Joe Walsh

Wow Richard what an Awesome Bike . Light Years away from my only Triumph a 1969 Tiger 100 that I bought used and upgraded to TRC-6 Specs complete with twin Amals and Scrambler Pipes. The Bike was my Older Cousins that had been stored for over 5 yrs when he broke his leg in a Industrial accident and stored the bike in his garage. I picked it up for $800.00 as a Project Bike and Restored it as a daily driver for back and forth to work. It had only 3500 Miles on it when I picked it up and just under 5000 miles when I sold it .
Other than my only other British Ride a 1972 Norton Combat (Engine) 750 Commando. This Tiger was the most reliable European Ride I ever owned.

Editor's Reply: The British bikes in my opinion had a lock on good handling during the 1960's and 1970's and although they had other issues, their great handling characteristics made them great fun to ride, especially in the "twisties". I never owned a Norton, but did have the pleasure of riding one. Amazingly quick, beat my Suzuki 750 GT 3 cylinder water buffalo from a stand still rather handily.

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Sep 02, 2013
Other Issues that Richard alluded to :)
by: Anonymous

The other issues which come to mind would be the infamous Lucas electrical Gremlins . I rewired both the Tiger and Norton and therefore missed a few additional Grey hairs , although the Norton did have a habit of breaking a few tail light elements due to its rear fender vibration dance . The Isolastic Rubber engine mounts did a good job of isolating most engine vibration to the rider , but apparently not the rear tail light lol .

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