The Dragon Slayer needs your help.

by P.J.Jansen
(Calgary A.B Canada)

Hi there, I am sending this from Calgary Alberts Canada. On a recent visit to your beatiful country I really rode my 1999 GL 1500 S.E wing and sidecar combo a little to hard. I now have an engine noise that scares me. I am reluctant to make any more long trips until I get this problem fixed. I have prayed about this and asked the Lord to help me find an engine or another goldwing. The 1999 two tone red one you hopefully still have would be perfect for me. I hope you will e-mail me back with the price and contact info asap. Your brother in Christ Jesus our Lord Peter J Jansen.

Editor's Reply: Hi Peter, I do not have a goldwing available at this time nor any extra motors. However, they are available. I just checked on eBay as of 8:22am 05/04/2011 and found auction #150600328750 offering a complete engine with reverse. You might want to check this out. GodSpeed on repairing your bike Peter...I think that's a better alternative than purchasing a whole complete bike since there are used engines available out there. God Bless and thanks for writing.

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