Thanks for the information

by Lonnie Lawson
(Eagle Point,Oregon 97524)

My wife and I are thinking about buying a motorcycle trike. We plan on towing it on a small trailer behind out motor home. I have never been a motorcycle guy but think I would very much enjoy a trike. I'm will be 67 in a few days and ride an ATV all the time. I just feel more comfortable with more wheels under me.The information in your article gave me a lot of information I need to decide if I should buy one. I'll be looking for a used one. a nice but not all the bells and whistles. Thanks again for your information.

Lonnie Lawson Eagle Point, Oregon

Editor's Reply: Your welcome and I'm glad the info was helpful. Anytime I help encourage a potential rider into the world of motorcycling and/or triking, I feel even better about an article I truly enjoy writing in the first place.

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