Sunday Shoes and the MUD

by Ray Haynes
(Parksville B.C. Canada)

The pasture looked inviting. It was Sunday (after church) the "90 started a if it wanted to get going.

I knew the shift had a habit of popping out of gear unless held in for a minute.
So, there I was taking a shortened route across the closer fence line. Deep grass but LOOKED fine but half way water began to replace the good earth at the base of the grass...deeper and deeper. Feet off the pegs...keep going. What gear are we in here? Will this thing stall out at the deep end. Do I risk "punchiong down"to first ? IF we are in fist and punch into neutral we ARE in trouble. So...hang in there feet in the air. Chug chug chug lugging down to 300 rpm?? . Hold your breath.
Hooray for Honda...we are "saved". Up we go onto the dry. Three cheers for slow turning simple reliable four stoke power.
Why did I sell that thing?
Ray Haynes
Parksville B.C.

Editor's Note: Truly a lovely story Ray..thank you. And if you are in the mood to find another one, I have an older vintage CT90 with 689 original miles that is available. Thanks again.

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