Stolen Property!

by Masked Ryder
(Chicago IL USA)

This 2000 Valkyrie Interstate is the 5th and definitely biggest bike I've owned. The radio didn't work when I purchased it but all chromed out & customized at 4 grand I couldn't pass it up. After my TL 1000 was stolen a few years ago I was devastated. Everyone knows how personal a Mans motorcycle is to him, I don't understand how bike thieves live with themselves, to violate my bike is like violating a family member and to me there are just some things insurance money can't pay you back for.

So now that I have the Valkyrie, and seeing as though I live in the Inner city of Chicago where bike theft can just be another day at work for some low lives the question is whats the best way to secure it? I really love the separate handle bar lock it has, and I've sworn an oath not to let it out of my site this summer. I ride with my Buddy whose 97 valk I posted a pic of. He says that its much to heavy for anyone to easily steal if the handle bars are locked. What are your thoughts?

Editor's Reply: No bike is too heavy for thieves. Remember, this is a BUSINESS TO THEM. They come prepared with the right equipment and the right people. Going with at least a good cable and lock arrangement besides using your fork lock is a good start. That is the LEAST I would do. Other comment from other readers?

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