Searching for Honda trike information especially in Canada

by Allan R. Sears
(Sackville, N.B. Canada)

I am interested in purchasing a trike, Gold Wing 1800. I am 72 years old and owned a Honda 400 SS back in 1976. I have wanted a trike ever since I saw one on the highway going to Newfoundland, Canada approximately 10 years ago, but haven't been able to convince my wife to allow me to get one. They are very scarce here in the Maritimes as we don't have the opportunity to ride much past the end of October and can't start usually around the middle of May.

I would like to know where I might get more information on the availability and the prices for an average prepared trike. I love motorcycles and the reason I haven't been able to purchase one is I had an accident in 1978, April on my 400 ss and came close to death and that has caused my wife to be vehemently opposed to me having a motorcycle. I think if she were to see a real trike and see how sturdy it really is then she might change her mind,( I hope) Allan R.Sears @

Editor's Reply: Hi Allen, thanks for the article. Although you haven't asked my opinion, please allow me the chance to briefly express it. In this situation, I would agree with your wife. Trike or not, there is an increased chance of accident vs. a car and the exposure is such that odds are the injuries incurred on the trike or bike will be substantially greater than in a car. At age 72, there is no need to jeopordize your loving relationship with your wife. It's just not that important. Take up another hobby. If you insist, I have a beautiful trike for sale. Check out the link:

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Apr 23, 2012
life of a 1500 honda motor
by: Anonymous

what is the life expectancy of a honda goldwing 1500 motor.the bike i am looking at has 250000 km

Editor's Reply: This is not a motor that you want to buy although it is testimony to the quality that you can expect from a well cared for honda 1500 goldwing motor. But with those's not something to purchase at this point. Now if it has 25,000 vs 250,000km, it's worth considering. Generally, these motors are good for 100,000-200,000 miles depending on care.

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