School bus pulles out right in front of us

This is a story of the nimblness and balance of our Valkyrie. We were out for a day of riding and decided to ride to St.Joe Missouri. I made a turn off of the main drag to a side street with houses on the left and a parking lot on the right. A full sized bus was pulling up to the edge of the parking lot, We were traveling about 45mph. I watched the driver look in our direction then to my shock, the guy pulls out right in front of me. Check this out, I had to think about my options,1.lay the bike down with Cathy on the back and hope I could time it so the back wheels wouldnt crush both of us.2.I could take the ditch tothe right and try to negotiate a 10 ft drop off.#3 I could accelerate take a quick twist in front of the bus in oncomung traffic and whip us back in the right lane. I chose 3. Just as I punched the throttle we were about a foot from the front of the bus and about a foot from a oncoming car. I had about 2 ft of shoulder with two mailboxes to avoid. The bike was so precise and balanced, it became one with our thoughts. I whipped back into the right lane, pulled into a driveway, put the kickstand down and thanked God, and the Valkyrie. We were both looking at each other with total disbelief.............Put our helmets back on and totally enjoyed the rest of our day!

Editor's Note: Thank you for this amazing story and may I say that the "Thanked God" is the most important part of this story. He certainly had to be looking out for you and it was Him that provided you with such an amazing bike to being with. Thanks Again......Richard

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