saved my life

by Doug Vickery SR
(Cutler IL.)

Easter sunday 2006 I lost my Wife to ovarion cancer after 23 years together. My son had bought a new honda 1300 vtx and I put 1500 miles on it the first week..LOL I was out riding it one day in May and I seen a bike for sale along side this country road so I stoped to look at it. It was a martini beige 1988 honda goldwing. I talked to the guy who owned it and he told me about this club (GWRRA) and the more he talked the more interested I became so I joined and started attending all the meetings and rallys and made lots of new friends and got to see alot of sights, long storie short I put 32000 miles on this old girl the first two years I had her. I do beleive that if I hadnt bought that bike I would have ended up dead. I am ready to retire the old bike and am trying to buy a 2005 goldwing I should find out today if I get it or not wish me luck and safe riding to all (IL. chapter Q GWWRA)

I know it's been awhile since the loss of your wife but let me still extend my condolences and in Faith believe she is in a better place than you or I. Good luck on buying the 2005 Goldwing of your dreams. Thanks so much for your contribution.....Best Regards....Richard

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