Sara's Sled

by Mac Musick
(Durango, CO)

Looks like a sports car from the rear.

Looks like a sports car from the rear.

Looks like a sports car from the rear.
The Goldwing and Hannigan are a match.
Hannigan incorporate a Ford Thunderbird rear end.
My teenage queen and her machine.

In 2007 my wife was still riding her 1998 Honda Valkyrie when she spotted an ad for a 2003 Goldwing/Hannigan trike. I called the guy to find out more and what kind of terms he offered. Well the terms were simple enough. Cash and carry. Ha. So I flew from Durango CO to Nashville TN where I was met by the seller. He had the motorcycle neatly tucked into the back of a Ryder truck. Because he intended to drive back west as far as Paris TN I decided to ride with him an unload the trike when we got there before I began my long ride home.

I don't usually carry $22,500 in cash but because those were the terms when, we got the bike unloaded and started the engine I handed him the envelope and waited just long enough for him to count it. Then I took to the freeway. I-40 stretched out for more than a thousand miles before me.

I had never before ridden a trike and must say that I was a bit nervous especially as I immediately got on the freeway ramp and had to get up to speed, all the while trying to figure out how to steer the darn thing. It didn't help any that I instinctively tried to lean as I was making my first freeway entrance. Oh well it doesn't take long to get the hang of it and soon I was cruising along with the greatest of ease.

Two days and one heck of a rainstorm later I pulled in to my driveway in Durango. My wife met me with a big grin on her face. Here are a few pictures to show you how beautiful she is, the bike that is; my wife is beautiful too as you can tell.

Editor's Note: Lucky Man...2 beautiful things in your life sir. Congratulations and thanks for the story.

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