Reliable since 1980

I purchased my first Triumph in April of 1980. It was a new 1979 Candy apple red & black Bonneville. From the Detroit area I ran to Ohio to pick it up at a dealership. I still own it today and have won a few show awards with it. The only trouble I have had with it is the Coils die. In 89,000 miles I've been stuck on the side of the road 3 times, all because of the coils. One of the best was in the thumb of Michigan where a biker with a Harley in the back of his pickup stopped to help. His bike broke down in Ohio. He told me to wait a few and he'd come back with a friend. Twenty minutes later he came back with another guy who had a matching coil in his hand. He said he had it out in the barn. I asked how much he wanted for it, he replied 300 bucks - you need it, LOL. I gave him a 5 and I was on the road again. Since then I purchased a Trophy 900 the year they came back in the states and have never been on the side of the road with it.

Editor's Note: Nice story...keep the wheels turning foward Brother.

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