rear wheel alignment

by david

i have had my trike 3 years and i have only rode it once it feels strange on corners and i have noticed the rear wheels lean in at the top a little is this normal i am afraid to go on it now.should the rear wheels be vertical or is this normal i would appreciate an answer to this if possible.

Editor's Reply: Most trikes have a little "lean in" of the rear wheels rather than being totally straight up. You have only ridden it once. I suspect that it "feeling strange" around corners is basically just your being a bit scared of the unknown. Remember, they don't ride like a regular motorcycle. Leaning like a regular bike isn't going to get the job done. It's going to take a push/pull using your arms on the handlebars much like riding an atv or riding lawn mower. And they often handle sluggishly or offer resistance at slow speed. Generally, as you go faster, they tend to get easier to steer. If you are truly concerned, take it to a qualified motorcycle shop and have them check it for you. Might be the smartest thing to do. Thanks.

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