Performance - 2 wheeled vs 3 wheeled

by Bernard
(Streamwood, IL USA)

I was looking for your opinion since I am considering buying a Suzuki C-50 Lehman trike (which is an 800 cc'd engine) or a Honda Sabre (1100 cc'd engine) trike...Will either of these trikes be able to keep up with 2 wheeled bikes?

They ride a '90 Goldwing or an '08 Kawasaki Concours - there are other bikes, but I would be riding with these two most of the time.

I ask because they keep telling me that the smaller Suzuki may not keep up on the interstate, but the Honda may. I'm just wondering how much does performance suffer having about an extra 200 lbs with the trike (or is it more than that?)

Any input would be appreciated.

Editor's reply: Thank you Bernard for your article...Actually the weight differential may be as much as 400lbs. And the difference in performance is very noticable. Put it this would your 2 wheeler perform with an extra 200-400 lbs on the back? You wouldn't be attempting to race against anything at that point. Will the suzuki c50 trike keep up with your friend's trikes??? Not on an acceleration basis. But you could cruise in the 70's mph range and will probably be affected by hills and grades. I don't know how you or your friend's ride. If your leisure riders, it should be ok. If you tend to get on the trikes once in awhile, you will probably be disappointed. Check out my 1800 VTX trike for sale. That may be the trike for you.

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