Pauls side car

by Paul
(Shelby Michigan)

I love my side car. My wife had never been on a bike before and she loves the wing with the side car. It is december now and no more rides in michigan for the year. But we are excited to get back on the bike in the spring. The only issue i have had thus fare is the place that put the side car on tweeked it in side toward the car for the first 500 miles until i got used to riding and making those left turns. Because it could fly if i try to bank it to hard to the left.I miss the flow of the bike with out the side car but most of that will come back when he tunes it out. I think the side car was the best decision i have made since i started to ride. The primary reason for the side car was due to back sugery. I can not feel half of my left foot and landing a 900 pound bike was or could have been an issue and landing with a passanger was an issue i did not want to try. If you find a side car on craigs list buy it. It will be the best decision you could make. The guy that put on the side car stated he liked it better than a trike and he has put on over 30 side cars. Ride

Editor's Reply: Personally, I have owned and like both. I believe for a sidecar to be practical and safe, you need to have an electronic camber control to control pulling depending on the slope of the road. I have owned sidecars without it and I really didn't like them. But I'm glad there are alternatives (trikes..sidecars) for people with physical infirmities so they can continue to enjoy a lifetime of riding. Thanks for the great article.

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