Paraplegic Trike Rider

by ron
(mission b.c.)

Hi, im 39 and recently purchased a custom Lehman trike..a Harley Davidson Dyna/fxr with a 96" s&s engine super stock. its a 1997 with 18,000 kms :) Just put in a new ignition module, charging system, heads freshened up and she is runnin SWEEET Its outfitted with a Kilcktronik electric shifter, i still clutch with left hand and theres a custom made rack for my wheelchair that swings out so i can mount and ride independantly. However im always with my wife :) I love the sound of my bike and the gentleman that origanally built it was paraplegic also. It was ready to ride..after safety inspection and 2k worth of freshening her up. I live in British Columbia. Im new to riding bikes, this is the first ive owned..and its a trike, it took some getting used to but im pretty comfortable now. I have dual brakes up front and a rear brake lever on the bars..both with their own resivior so i have reliable braking...if one goes out, i have the other. I think im in love with my trike. I am not rich so this may be my bike for my life, and im OKAY with that. Its beautiful and took the original owner 5 years to build, im proud to be the new owner and will take the best care of it i can. So far, the hardest part ive encountered , in the WIND. wow, i dont know how bikers do it with the skull cap helmets giving NO ear protection. its not cool to ride like that it WILL destroy your hearing, it was so loud once i thought my brain was going to short out lol, seriuously. Im getting ear plugs! But i love riding, chilling out enjoying the cruizewhen it isnt a stormy day. Well, its late and i just wanted to share a little bit about me and my trike , Kind Regards, Ron. British Columbia, Canada.

Editor's Reply: Ron, thanks for the good story. I hate riding in the doubt about it. Personally, I always wear a helmet whether I'm harley riding or on any of my other bikes. Safety is #1 in my book so I don't worry about the image and it's always a helmet for me.

It's a blessing to me to know that people are able to surpass their boundaries with hard work, determination, and courage. I hope this inspires other people with handicaps to be motivated. It certainly motivated me. God made us in His Image...we should be very capable of whatever we put our minds and hearts into pursuing. Thanks again.

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