Out Of Adversity Reveals A Bright Shining Light And That Light Is The Triumph Rocket 111 Tourer

by Carl Casella

I have been riding for almost 30 years, from dirt bikes to sports bikes to sports tourers, but never did I ever think I would ever own a dedicated tourer. Tourers are for "old fogies" that wear lawn bowls outfits and must have heated hand grips, too soft for me.

My new appreciation for touring motorcycles came about with a recent trip to Europe. After travelling through Austria by train and observing through the windows of our carriage the beautiful country side and magnificent roads it was all too much to ignore. So, with the assistance of our concierge and sheer determination we found a bike shop that hires as well. The only bike available was an under powered Honda 750 cruiser and my first thought when I saw it was it had the same appeal as cold porridge in the morning for breakfast. As this was my only opportunity I took it, and I must say with resistance I really enjoyed it, even though our pet dog "Missie" has more pull on her leash than what this thing had.
All this is leading to once returning back to Australia I was on the hunt for the ultimate cruiser and decided on a Suzuki M109R which was my first cruiser. Strong, torquey, stable and reasonable handling. Fate has a way of forcing us to open our eyes and choose a different direction and that was a result of a "DOL" not giving way at an intersection, probably distracted by SMS or facebooking on her cell phone, resulting in writing the bike off.
Hence my latest aquisition, a Triumph Rocket 3 Tourer and what an amazing machine it is. The fisrt thing you notice about the Rocket Tourer is the physical size of it, "It's huge" and it certainly has a presence that is hard to ignore. As your eyes follow the beautiful classic lines, observing all the fine details and lashings of chrome and all the little extra like fuel gauge, trip computer, leather seats and quick release screen. But there is no avoiding that unique engine, it kind of smacks you in the face. Ergonomically it all works, from that gorgeous comfy seat to the hand controls and running boards instead of pegs, to the forward controls and plush suspension, it's all about comfort. Once your mobile it's all about the power or rather...torque. I just love the way this thing pulls, from 2000rpm you have instant acceleration in any gear, great fun overtaking or "block burning" at the lights. 2 up touring is why I chose the Rocket Tourer and this is where it really shines and great luggage carrying capacity too.
In summary this is a brilliant machine that I can not speak more highly of..." Just do it... just get one" you wont be dissappointed.

C M Casella

Editor's Note: Thanks Carl...couldn't agree with you more..it's a fine machine.

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