Original Owner shows up

by Ed Anderson
(West Kelowna BC, Canada)

2001 R1200C

2001 R1200C

2001 R1200C
My old Airhead 75 R60/6

I own (owned) a 1975 R60/6 for a few years now and loved the bike, but I was a bit tired of messing with it all the time, so I was looking around for an upgrade.I can't afford a new bike so I have been scouting around a bit, here and there......you know the story. On Wed, July 18th 2012, I was in my work van at a traffic light in Kelowna BC, waiting to cross Okanagan Lake bridge to the West side. As I was waiting, a guy pulled up to my right on a R1200c, I have always loved the look of these bikes so I was paying attention to it as we waited for the light to change. When it changed, I crossed the bridge and kept the bike in my mirror, the traffic got a bit backed up in his lane and I lost him as we headed to West Kelowna.

As it turns out there is a BMW Bike Dealership a few miles down the highway (Bentley Motorrad)and I had a premonition that he might turn in there, so I turned at the exit and waited at the side of the road. After a few minutes, sure as rain, he rides right by me. I followed him untill he stopped and approched him to ask about the bike,what he thought of it and such. We had a bit of a conversation about BMW's and I mentioned my old airhead, Long story short it turns out he was the original owner of my bike, he is 83 years old and does not ride a lot anymore. We talked a bit more and he mentioned he would like his old R60/6 back, (and some cash of course), so we made the trade that afternoon. He rode away on my (his) old airhead, and I am the proud rider of a 2001 R1200C with 25,000 Kilometers.

Editor's Note: Hi Ed, interesting story. Hope you don't mind that I cleaned it up a bit as this is a family oriented motorcycle site and some of the words wouldn't sit well with my overall reading base. Thanks again.

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