no money bike

by hroyfuller
(w.monroe LA.,USA)

I, am a older man that loves to ride but have not rode in several years ,because of my dizeness but i went to the doc, and he said salt, get off salt and i ask him salt make you drunk and he said just as drunk as a coot and i got off salt and on some pills to help me pass the salt and ,the old bike i have is an old 83 cb 1000 custom and i desided to turn it into a trike and went to work and it ,was easy ,but finding a rearend to hook up to a honda was a problem sense i had never built on, finely settled for a87 ford ranger rearend and worked perfect, it had the offset to the drivers side and old honda wheels and hubcaps fit and i will post the bike in different stages as soon as i can it is very nice and i built it all by myself with no help at all and i am 80 years old but very God blessed i am ready to ride it is running real good , and i am looking forward to a lots of riding thanks for shareing all the other guys projects I love my bike

andthe information, thanks again,my tip is make sure you, look at your bike to be sure of which side the driveshalf comes out on , unless you use a chain drive bike then you have to purchase a rearend to fit your bike

Editor's Reply: There is no age limit for our love our motorcycles. Nice story hroy and may the wind always be at your back.

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