Never Give Up

by Steve Dryden
(St. John, Ks 67576)

I have been a biker for 50 years but my vertigo and Rheumattoid Arthritus is causing me problems on 2 wheelers. I have riden several Goldwings and that is definitely what I am looking for. If you see a good one for sale, I have cash and I am ready to buy.

Steve Dryden
443 west 3rd
St. John, Ks 67576

Editor's Reply: Steve, vertigo could also affect your safety even when riding a trike so you need to determine if it's really that important to ride anymore. I had one severe bout with vertigo and honestly, it wouldn't have mattered what I was on...I would have crashed. Fortunately I wasn't in a vehicle at the time. Stay safe and thanks. Does anybody have a goldwing trike that might suit Steve's needs? Why not contact him and let him know.

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