My Valk is gone

I bought one in 2002 while deployed to Fort Polk, LA but couldn't afford it after the deployment so I sold it to a friend. I sold it to a friend with an agreement that he would sell it right back to me when I was financially able. It wasn't but a few years later when I was ready to get it back but he wasn't willing to give it back and he was even deployed. The Valk has addicting and possessive power's over the owners and I've had withdrawals since I sold mine. I'm currently coming off a deployment from Afghanistan and am ready to buy a nice Interstate to run it over 100K miles. Can't wait!

CPT Yates

Editor's Reply: Thanks CPT. I am fully aware of the Valkyries alluring traits having owned over 45 of them to date. I'll see what I can do about finding something nice for you...

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