My story

by Cooter G.
(rochester NY)

Several of my friends had bad ass Harleys so I finally said why not me. After falling off of my '09 Dyna the first three times I was on it, I knew I made a bad mistake. I have MS which really messes with my balance between the disease and the meds. I also have had a knee replaced so maybe at 55, a motorcycle was not such a great idea. I just could not get rid of that beautiful machine so a guy at work said to trike it. I did some research and first thing I discovered is it ain't cheap. Second thing was that I better have someone convert it who knows what they are doing. I went with a Motortrike Trike and I now have one mean ass motor scooter. The original Dyna cost a little over $ 12,000 and so did the conversion for a grand total of $25,000 and worth every penny. Cool ass mag wheels, just a fine machine.

Anybody that says I'm not a real biker is right, I'm a Triker. There is so much posturing with jerks tryin to be bad ass bikers, it really makes me laugh. I'm "New School". I ride in shorts and sneakers and will never get ink. I know who I am and got nothin to prove to anyone and I love to ride.

Anyone that has a hard time on two wheels should really consider a trike. My wife and I (and many other fine ladies) really have a ball on my baby and I'm sure you would too. Cooter

Editor's Note: Thanks Cooter. Cleaned up the article a bit as you can see. Remember, this is as family oriented website so don't be too upset. Thanks again.

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