My 2nd New Bike , Yep another Honda lol .

by Joe Walsh

Well the CT-90 was great on the Rural Roads during Fishing and Hunting , however running the Asphalt for 70 miles bsck to the City was getting the better of the Old Girl . So come August of 1973 I dropped into the local Honda Dealership and low and behold sat this same CL-350 only in Metalflake Green and Gold . It was a hold over from the previous yr which had gone unsold. I believe I picked it up for just under $1200.00 with rear rack and small Sissy Bar and Crash Bars . I ran this bike more or less within the same requirements as the CT-90 with a few noticeable exceptions , stay out of the bogs lol . I believe I accumulated 1800 miles prior to selling to my best friend and upgrading to my next Bike . This again was a issue free ride and quite comfortable for solo excursions on highway runs. Also effective dirt road runner due to its abundant ground clearance and universal tire tread design. P.S. I believe the stock HP Rating was 33 on the CL and 36 on the CB. However the trade off in Horsepower was more than made up with the increase in usable torque over the City version of this venerable 325 cc Twin. Another Honda that I wish I still had :)

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