Muscle bike mania

by bob
(Reedsville Ohio)

Ok,lets see here.I was 16 years old when I first seen the V65 Magna,the year was 1983.My cousin and I had mopeds...ha ha,well we was young and no way would our parents get us a full blown motorcycle,anyways we were cruising side by side like we did all the time,two lane highway.My cousin had a 83 Suzuki fa 50,and mine was a 83 Yamaha qt 50,mine was shaft drive!anyway this fella that we kinda known a tad older then us flew past us quickly.We was like what the heck..WOW he was in and out and around us.Our top speed was a yawning 30 mph,Id say he was going 60 or so.But anyway we stopped at a nearby local gas station and there she set...WOW a 1983 V65 Magna purple,i'll never forget it.We talked to the dude for a few and off he went.My cousin and I both said "some day"we will have one of those monsters.Years went past and the early 90s hit.I think it was about 1992 my cousin got a 1983 V65 Magna,blue with windshield.lower miles can't remember how many,I was like well you got one.We both liked it.a year later I spotted a V30 Magna for sale local fella,he was asking $1300 not to shabby,I have never heard of a V30.Looked just like its big daddy.The year of mine was 1985,red,small dent in tank bald tires dead batt,things like that.But I loved it,we rode them for about a year and a half,I got married and sold mine in late summer of 1994 for $1300.My cousin had his beast till around 1997 or 98 and sold his.Now I always liked the way those bikes looked always did!More years have passed and last year,"2014"I was on Craigs list just window shopping and I found it.....A pretty nice shape 1986 red V65 Magna for sale...just 10 miles from my house,I couldn't believe it was that close to me,I had never seen it before.Now to shorten this story up some I bought it for $1600 bucks,now get this, it only had 16000 miles on it WOW...I say WOW again.I put brand new Bridgestone white letter tires on it and new seat cover and I'm gonna hold on to it for a while.I'm almost 48 years old and I feel 16 again!!!I'll try to put some pics on here.Also the thing runs like its new!

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