Motorcycle Pictures Of My Previous Rides...And Current Rides Too. My Motorcycles Memories Are Fond And Numerous !!!!

This Motorcycle Picture is of my 1998 Valkyrie which was purchased from the original owner and spent its entire life in dry dry New Mexico. It was a glorious ride and impeccably maintained by its previous owner. I really loved it. The Valkyrie bases its origin on the Gold Wing platform as I'm sure you could tell. But as I fondly like to say..."The Valkyrie is a Gold Wing on Steroids" With 6 individual carbs, solid lifters, and some beefed up cam timing, the Valkyrie is extremely strong and fast. No longer made except for the Rune version which is a whole different machine, it is destined to become a collector item.

Another New Mexico Used Honda Motorcycle, this motorcycle picture is of my 1989 Honda Pacific Coast and was the cleanest older bike I had ever seen (UNTIL MY LATEST ACQUISTION...PICTURE TO BE ON A DIFFERENT PAGE) and I was the proud owner until last year when I sold it. Many people felt the Pacific Coast was underpowered but I never shared that feeling. Perhaps I am not a hard rider but I always took into consideration that this was a V-Twin motor of 800cc and was a Mid Size Sport Tourer. It could cruise all day at 75mph and the handling was light and precise. Also, it was comfortable and got great gas mileage. What more could you ask for?

This motorcycle picture is of my 1997 Honda Goldwing Motorcycle Trike which I purchased as a used motorcycle with only 11,000 miles on it. It was a Lehman conversion and also served to convert me on my attitude towards trikes. I love them now that I am familiar on how to ride them. This beauty was also sold last year. Perhaps of all the Used Honda Motorcycles I have owned and sold, this is probably the one I wish I had back the most.

There will be more pages of motorcycles that I have owned and own being published shortly. Thanks for your interest.

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