Motorcycle Brotherhood

by Charles Del Campo
(Ocala. Florida)

This is certainly a great web page on motorcycles which honestly keeps you informed and educated with the latest cycle news in the industry. Thus, independent of your bike theme as a Harley, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, or Triumph owner, we are all members of a special brotherhood which bounds us to the ride.

Whether you ride strictly to the Salon, BBQ barn, lounge, local Bar, Tavern or Pub, all riders have something in common which is the fabulous enjoyment of riding. Like so, my entertainment preference is the scenic back-roads of America which are quite beautiful and pleasurable. Interestingly, I'm a proud owner of a custom Honda-Trike 1800, 2010; designed by Shaun, from Trike Traders; which is a head twister.

Nonetheless, the hidden road treasures that you find biking are rarely experienced on a car { I drive a BMW X3} since the biking panorama provides a relaxation feeling and atmosphere that cant be captured in boating or flying. Recently, hundreds of bike associations, clubs and gangs have expanded since motorcycles are more accessible and reasonably priced than before.

By choice, I'm a Lone-Wolf and Ride Alone, wear no colors, tattoos, or swastikas but the emblem of a smile while I ride. Like so, it really doesn't matter what "style" you decide to wear with your bike, after all is the freedom that we enjoy with such. We can now create our own blend of motorcycling style with no trivia than a bikini contest ride or a bike fest with a hot babe!
Charles Del Campo
Independent Journalist

Editor's Reply: Thanks Charles. Nice comments and thanks for the pics of your trike.

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