Love my trike

by Jeff wright

I have a rewaco trike from Germany. When you say head turner you are right. There can be the coolest chopper but when I turn up on my trike they soon forget the chopper and drool over my trike. I have had guys say to me, please don't bring the trike I want people to enjoy my bike lol. My is a 1600 ford European engine 5 speed stick shift on the tank. Tires on the rear are 335s and on the front a 200. The handling is amazing, it doesn't matter how hard you push it in the corners, it will just go around or slide. Has a rear spoiler on the back and a trunk. I toured from Vegas all through Canada heading back through montana and ended up in Iowa. I now live in Florida and it is perfect down here for triking. My trike is an rf1 gt. You can see it by going on rewaco web site. Would never sell it as I love riding it. I also have a c6 corvette but prefer the trike. Have a look at the web site and enjoy. There is also a turbo version now available. Maybe I do sell mine and get the turbo .........

Editor's Comment: It would be nice to see a picture of this trike. Thanks for your story.

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