Lost Her Too Soon

by Steve
(Sacramento, CA)

I bought a Goldwing the first year they came out with the 1800 CC version. Usually I wait at least a year for them to get the kinks out, but the blue one (looking exactly like yours) was just too beautiful and the reviews too glowing for me to resist snatching it right off the showroom floor before someone else did. I loved that bike.

Less than a month after I got it, my girlfriend and I rode from the San Francisco Bay area to Branson Missouri and back. It was an absolutely trouble free ride in incredible comfort even after 800 mile days. My girlfriend would sit in the ridiculously spacious and comfortable passenger seat sleeping soundly while I rocketed down the New Mexico highway at 120 MPH. The luggage compartments handled all our luggage with relative ease and also enabled me, when home, to ride to the grocery store and come out with a shopping cart full of groceries to load onto the bike.

Some might say, "Why get such a big bike? For that price and with that size, you might as well get a small, sporty car." But I don't know of any small, sporty cars as fast as that Goldwing or as much fun to drive as that bike was to ride.

I had it for only a couple of years. A garage fire destroyed it, and I haven't ridden since. I miss that bike. Of the nine bikes I've owned over a thirty year period, that one was the best.

Editor's Reply: Thanks Steve.

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