Its the sweetest ride in any class

by Buscameby
(Arvada CO)

I've got the 2002 RSMV too, looks just like this one!!!

I wouldn't trade this bike for any other , Ive only had one issue on the whole bike in 9 years, the tape deck quit. So I found a 6 disc CD changer brad new for $175 and installed it my self.

I am no mechanic and the 5 year warranty was great but the bike still runs like a top. I am 6'3 and 260lbs, even with my wife on the back we can ride up the mountains of Colorado with NO issue.

It looks old school but my wife likes the ride of this bike better than my Benz. I know its no fashionable to have quiet pipes and a loud stereo but that's how I like to ride, I can turn it off and listen to the wind or blow my hair back with some killer rock and roll and drive the cars in town nutz-lol.

It is heavy and only gets around 35mpg but its worth its weight in gold or chrome, which it has tons of to shine in the sun.

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