"I'm Not Sure If It's Better than Sex, But It's Just as Good!"

by louhardy@aol.com
(Stockton,Ca. USAboston)

I have been riding two wheeled vehicles since I was 13,that had motors in them. I loved every minute of it. I'vevhad all kinds of different bikes,but I ended being, whatvsome call a long rider. Not a full Ironbutter, but I don't get on my bike to just go on a beer run. Probably the best thing I ever did for myself was to ride from coast to coast in 2000. I took the W to E leg

through the southern part and E to W through the northern half. I had been in every State already,but not like that. We really can't fully appreciate the unbelievable beauty of our country until you see it alone on a motorcycle. You get to know better who you are too.
Some of the things I learned about traveling on a motorcycle for that long are as follows:
1. Modify your bike to make it as comfortable as possible for yourself.
2. Don't ride as long as you can before stopping to gas up & go to toilet, check oil,check the map,rest, get a snack or make a phone call. Do them one or two at a time only. It gives you more times off the bike for your butt to get some blood back in it, move around,walk around the bike and look it over. When you add up time it should be about the same all together as if you made one long stop.3.Figure out how to eat and sleep as cheap as possible. McDonalds has free coffee for seniors,for breakfast checkout oatmeal on the menu, you get alot of food very cheap and it stays with you longer. 4.Almost every town in America has an old "Motel Row" that is still there but you have to look for it. The "New Motels are on the new freeway on the out skirts. I took camping gear with me in 2000 and agreed with myself if I couldn't find a motel for $40 or less I would camp. I finally shipped the camping gear back when I was headed back, because I had not used it once.5. pick a reliable Bike. I would use a Kawasaki,Concours. Happy Sex and ride Lou Hardy (80 years Old)

Editor's Reply: Nice article, thanks Lou. Although I dare say that based on your letter title, I sorta guessed you were an older rider. Because any young rider would know that RIDING IS WAY BETTER THAN SEX.....LOL.

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