i miss my hondamatic!!!!

by carrie
(erie, pa)

2 yrs ago i got my first motorcycle, and it is a 79 hondamatic cr4oo just a month ago it was violently taken from me by a junkie on a bigger bike who hit me and my friend stopped at a red light. he was doing 45mph. totalled both our bikes, thankful to be alive but so very angry i had to loose my beautiful bike, and sense of freedom.i live near erie, pennsylvania, and the market here for a hondamatic is nill. i cannot ride anything else with a clutch as i have lupus with arthritic issues. so...what to do? i cannot give up riding it's in my blood now! i'm gettin 2 grand from insurance...anyone got any ideas? i am heartbroken, and want, no need to ride again. it's all i got. anyone with any leads...call 814-323-4876,thank u and god bless! RIDE ON!!!

Editor's Reply: Can anybody help Carrie out? Anybody near the Eerie, Pa area have a hondamatic they might want to sell to Carrie? Thanks.

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