I have owned my hondamatic for 24 years!!

by Ken
(Valparaiso, In)

I bought by 1981 blue ...cm400A from my friends dad in 1990, he knew I was looking for a bike and his dad had three in his basement and never drove this one. I went to look at it and fell in love. It was perfect! I nervously asked him how much money he wated for it, seeing as it only had 600 miles on it and looked brand new. when he replied "my price is firm...no negotiating....600 dollars!" I couldn't pay him fast enough. I rode it until 2007 when the carbs gunked up, parked it and there it sat for 7 years. covered in dust until this spring (2014) my 16 year old son and his buddy asked if I would pay them to fix it up. I figured it would be a great learning experience for them and I might get my beloved bike back running, so what did I have to lose? I asked them to estimate the job first and what they thought needed to be done. They were very thorough. new battery, oil change, clean carbs, clean gas tank. They thought around 200 dollars. I agreed and one month later got the news...it was done, but the price was 350! Oh well, the parts alone were close to 200. I paid and it started right up and I have my bike back! Been riding it again for a month now and continue to be impressed by what a great job these kids did


Editor's Note: Ken, thanks for a great article. And what a productive way to get your son involved. You are blessed with your bike running again and he is blessed with experience and some $$ in the process. Thanks again.

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