I always wanted one

For as long as I can remember, I desired to own a motorcycle and enjoy the open road. But the problem for me was being uncomfortable shifting,especially when stopped at a busy intersection. (fear of killig it) Any way, I heard about the Hondamatic, this would be the perfect bike for me. I read alot of reviews about it and the people who rode them. All iheard was, "what a joy to have and ride."

With this, my quest to find one has been disappointing. I found some in Florida and in some states down south. This brings some troubles for me since I live in Wi. So if you know of anyone or motorcycle shop selling one please let me know. I would like to experience the joys of riding a motorcycle as many of you have enjoyed.

My email address is; irish45@charter.net. My name is Jon.


Editor's Reply: Can anybody help Jon?? His email is above if you know of one for sale closer to wisconsin

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