Horrible Bad Beat

by Richard
(El Paso Texas)

Trying to quality for the WSOP $10,000 main event by winning a satellite offered at the Inn of the Mountain Gods in Ruidoso, NM on 06/06/05. Just have to win my table to get to the next step which guaranteed a decent money prize with first prize being $11,500 total ($10,000 for the WSOP event. 4 people left and I am a 2-1 chip leader. I'm on the button with pocket jacks. Push in $1500 and I get one caller who goes all in and I have to put in an additional $600 in chips to call which I do. Flop comes up J, K, 3 (rainbows). I flop TRIP JACKS. Turn is a 10, and the river brings a Queen. He has an A-4 and beats me with a miracle straight. Next hand I'm in I'm in the big blind with a 10-4 offsuit and nobody raises so I get to see the flop. Flop comes up 10-4-2. I have 2 pairs. Another player leads off, everybody folds to me and I push him all in. Turns out he has 10-6 and of course you know what the story is. On the river he hits a 6. Last hand I'm in I have $10,000 in chips and the other remaining player has $15,000. I'm in the blind and the other player pushes all in. I look at my cards to see to Black pockets ACES. He had pushed me in with a Q-4 offsuit. Can I ask for anything better. He bluffed and I had him trapped with pocket aces. Flop comes up nothing nothing Queen. I am still way in the lead. Turn brings nothing. And you know the rest of the story. River brings a 4 and I lose the tournament that it was virtually impossible for me to lose. I know this has happened to everybody but this was the worst nightmare beating I have ever experienced. I can just barely talk about it now...lol. When I lost with the pocket aces, I simply told the other player....."Good Tournament" and left the casino. Oh Well!

Editor's Note: Thank you Richard for sharing that heartfelt story. Been there...done that is all I can say...considering the Richard that told this story was me....lol.

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