Honda Motorcycles come in many shapes and sizes and many models have gained amazing reputations for performance, reliability, and fun. Here are the pages of my favorite models of Honda Motorcycles. Honda has made a bunch more models than this. These are the models that I have had the privilege of owning and riding. Models may be added with time and my experiences.


A 4 Wheel Dirt Motorcycle. Extremely Capable And Versatile-MUCHO FUN

Directly below is the page for Honda ATV's I have had the pleasure of owning and riding in the dirt. They are powerful, reliable, and can be dangerous if not used carefully. But they are definitely FUN.



A unique motorcycle that Honda made in the 1970's and early 1980's that incorporated a semi automatic transmission with 400cc, 450cc, and a 750cc engines available. You could shift from low to high range with no clutch involved or you could keep it in high range and ride it without shifting the whole day. They were ingenious in idea and turned out to be an amazingly and reliable bike. It seems that the majority of owners were beginners that weren't comfortable with shifting using a clutch but they were fun regardless of your abilities. Below is the link to this page.



How many of us riders started our riding careers riding our dad's or grandpa's Honda CT trailbikes?

It was probably a trail 90. A lovely red, orange, or yellow trailbike that you could shift without needing a clutch lever and it was reliable and easy to ride. 

Below is the page for the HONDA CT TRAILBIKE which to this day is still highly appreciated and sought after. 


Honda V65 Magna

One of the Fastest Production Motorcycles in History. Manufactured during the mid to late 1980's. Still fast by today's Cruiser standards. They were actually used by many police departments. The V65 was available in 2 basic models; the Magna and the Sabre which was leaning more towards being a sportbike.  I still love riding these bikes. The link for the fabulous Honda V65 is directly below.


Honda VTX Motorcycles:

They are large displacement V-Twin motorcycles with an abundance of power....great looks....and famous Honda Reliability. They are truly a great ride. They were made in 2 engine sizes: a 1300cc model and an 1800cc model. There were various submodels in each engine size. All are reliable, powerful, and fun to ride. And look pretty cool in the process. 

The link is directly below.


The Honda Valkyrie

Some people dream of owning one. Some people have been fortunate enough to own one. SO FAR, I HAVE OWNED AT LEAST 50...YUP THAT'S RIGHT...WITH NO END IN SIGHT.

A gorgeous 6 cylinder boxer powered motor motorcycle with great looks, great performance, and tremendous reliability. As many of you know, Honda reinstated the Valkyrie model line in 2014.

The earlier models were produced 1997-2003 with the Interstate being made 1999-2001


The Honda Goldwing

In my opinion the best touring bike every made. There are alot of other great touring bikes out there and this is no way is a demoting or putting down of any of them. But personally having owned most of them myself, and after careful consideration, the Honda Goldwing is my #1 touring bike. They were made in various engine sizes starting with 1000cc back in the early 1970's then 1500cc starting in 1988 through 2000, and from 2001 to current are 1800cc models.


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