Heartbreak Honda story

by Larry Earlywine
(Duvall, Wa, USA)

Some years ago, I had a beautiful Honda 90 trail that I used to go steelhead fishing on. My daughter wanted to play with it as her friend had one rode it in a horse pasture at her house. She wanted my daughter to bring mine over and ride with her and they could have lots of fun. Things went well for a few weeks but after the novelty wore off, they began to play a game of chicken where they would drive at each other and swerve away at the last second. Well, You guesed it, they eventually hit head on and I am so thankful that nobody got hurt but my bike was totaled and I have never had another 90 since. Needless to say, that was the end of my fishing and I haven't been back into the remote river since as I am handicapped and can't walk in. I am now 67 and still dream of a good Honda 90 to go to my favorite steelhead fishing river.

Larry PS: have no pictures

Comment By Administrator: Thank You Larry for a heartwarming yet sad CT story. Glad nobody got hurt too. A good lesson for all of us riders with kids...don't totally give them a freehand at it. Kids are kids and often make foolish decisions without parental or adult guidance. Thanks again Larry.

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