This story began for a young St Bernard dog called Harley when he was just six months old. A couple from Peterborough Tina and Alan Valkeith who were Motorcycle enthusiasts did not want to give up their passion for motorcycling. Alan who became a born again biker due to the petrol crisis in the nineteen nighties started with a scooter but due to the distance of travel to work changed and bought a larger bike, soon afterwards Tina caught the bug for motorcycles and eventually had one of her own. Their love of motorcycling was a big feature when they were married; which was based around the Harley Davidson Motorcycle. Life was good but Tina missed not having the patter of four tiny feet and the wag of a tail so much so that she managed to persuade Alan to get another St Bernard.

They had lost their last St Bernard to a brain tumour when he was only five years old. Alan had told Tina that he would not have another dog because of the distress and heartbreak at the loss of their last St Bernard had caused them. But Tina was determined and worked her magic on him and after several months got her wish.

Alan said to Tina he would not give up motorcycling and they found that they could not leave Harley at home as he pined so much so it was decided that Harley would have to go with them wherever they went and a motorcycle combination was purchased for this purpose. Harley took to this like a duck to water and loved the feeling of the wind in his face but it was making his eyes water so a pair of dog glasses (doggles) was purchased to protect his eyes. Soon afterwards he was introduced to a crash helmet which he now wears every time he accompanies Tina and Alan all good bikers wear protective clothing and Harley is no exception.

Wherever they went people stopped and stared and waved and took photographs. He became a celebrity in their hometown and has appeared in many national and local newspapers, as well as TV. They joined a local motorcycle club (Total Vision) and go to a number of events and days out with them and have helped to collect for the clubs charity at various events over the time and have started a web site for Harley.

More of Harley at www.harleythehairybiker.weebly.com

Editor's Reply: Tina.. that was lovely...Cheers. And it's nice to see I have readers in the United Kingdom...Jolly Ol' England....to cool. Dogs are and always have been an integral part of my family structure and upbringing and this article brought tears of joy to my eyes...literally. Thanks so much and God Bless.

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