Harley Antiquity....Unfortunate Complacency

by Stephen
(Where the wheels take me)

I enjoy my Harleys. With a patented sound...built in attitude...decent handling..it's a nice ride.

BUT....why totally sit on your laurels Harley?? You have the engine and the platforms to make some exciting bikes that would capture a new generation of Harley riders while not alienating the old and current. Want to get the price of your ailing stock out of the doldrems? Want to sell more units?

Harley...take the Vrod engine and apply it to your other platforms. Make it larger as necessary...but we know it's strong and reliable...and it's water cooled. Keep the current bikes too....all you would be doing is add a new line of water cooled bikes.

May the wind always be at your back.....rock on.... :)

Editor's Reply: Wow Stephen, great article and perhaps you have really hit onto something that Harley might consider paying attention to. Any comments from other readers? This is worth responding to.

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Aug 09, 2011
by: Mark-Anthony

Well I was just reading some ones comments about Harleys' and thinking they aren't changing their designs, I say GREAT!! Please don't I like the look of the Harleys'.....they remind me of the Indians which I love the looks of as well and the Victory motor bike company as well. Those are about the three companies I'm lookin' at I like these type of bikes.

However I did see a future concept bike Harley Davidson is lookin' at, its an actual street legal four wheeler what I remember it was very sleek looking in design.

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