Good People

by Don
(Sequim , Wa. U.S.A.)

2005 custom Black Goldwing

I recently bought a 2005 goldwing that I was told it was in a holywood movie. Its all black with lots of powder coating. The trunk has been alterd and the top of the back seat is flush with the lid of the trunk. There are more changes but that is not why I am here telling this story.
The bike gets lots of looks and it rides like a dream. I have tried to reasearch the bike and I can't seem to find anything about it.
I went on a short day trip today in the pacific north west. i had to take a ferry ride to get where I was going. As I was getting on the ferry there was a group of goldwinger's and I do say they had some very nice bikes. They all were interested to learn more about the bike. Not knowing the history of the bike , all I could tell them is I bought it used and I also would like to know more about it. One of their group seemed to know the bike. He said it was a one of. He also mentiond it was a black princes. I would love to know more about the bike but I have no clue as to where I could find anything out. The place where I bought it said they have proof that it was in a movie but have failed in getting me the proof. In their add it was said it was in a holywood movie.When I picked up the bike they then told me that they had lost the proof. I would love to send them people that want to buy bikes. My word is gold and it seems their word is not. I got off track a main point is I have found that bikers are some of the best people I haver ever come in contact with. I'm looking forward to traveling with the best . happy trails........Don

Editor's Reply: Don, if you can get the info on the bike being in a movie, that's great but if you bought it for that reason, dare I say it was for the wrong reason. Enjoy the riding...Hollywood or not and you will continue to meet nice people in your journey. Thanks.

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