by piute reyes

Loaded up..ready to go

Loaded up..ready to go

I grew up on bikes and is part of me as much as my Bible can't live without,

I was mugged and put in comma for a few Dy's/wks,Only thing keeping me going in this life was to ride again,Took a year in wheel chair lots of can't do this ,wont be able that,But with the fear of God and his work in mind & soul I was N am able to ride.
Hit 50 yr's in 2012 thinking of future ,I'm going to build a Trike and looking & finding all info I can to make that possible.Have an Ole 1977 CB750F2(7th cycle)thats great now.But see a Valkyrie Trike in future,
THX.Piute & Judose
Judose the Germain Shepard loves to ride !!

Editor's Note: Thanks so much for an inspiring contribution. Yup, getting older "aint for sissies" I have heard that "You're not getting're getting better." The only thing I'm getting better at is forgetting that I'm getting worse. God Bless and thanks again.

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