From Feet to Wheels

by Elva
(El Paso)

Hi Richard,

I've been a runner for the last 25 years already and have participated in many benefit races. One of these being the Transmountain Race Challenge. This race consists of running a steep 6 miles upward and an even steeper 6 miles downward. Aesthetically, it's an incredible experience.
Although recently I had the opportunity to be a passenger and go up and down that same pathway but only this time not on two feet, but on two wheels. Words cannot explain how terrified I was with just the thought of riding down! Fortunately for me (and the biker), I had enough trust in him to let me come out of this one alive!
After this experience I had of being a passenger and seeing how exalted I felt, I couldn't help but to compare that feeling with the one I have when running. Now thinking about it, I would very much like to ride down myself on a motorcycle and feel just as free as I do when running.

Editor's Reply: Elva, truly a lovely story. I have never equated riding a bike with running but since you have done both I am sure you are a better judge. But I think I can understand the feeling of freedom that you get while running. I have the same feeling while riding and I hope that sometime in the near future, perhaps you'll get to ride a motorcycle of your own and enjoy both feelings of freedom that you felt whenever you want. Keep up the running...nothing is better than good health...not even motorcycle riding.....Thanks.....Richard

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