First Ride

by Todd
(Pittsburgh, Pa.)

When I was all of 12 my best frends mom & dad had two bikes, one was a Honda 90 street bike the other was a Honda 90 ct or in those days they called it a street & trail. They ask me if I wanted to learn to ride it? Well at 12 you bet I said yes. They tought me all I needed to about the ct and I though it was neat that it was a no clutch all down shift. I rode that bike all around the back yard, and they had a big back yard. Every time I went to the house I got to ride eather the ct or the street bike. I fell love with that 90 ct. I'm now 56 and the frend moved away long ago. We still keep in touch. Every time I see a 90 or 110 ct it brings back great memories.

I have been looking for a yellow 110 ct for years. I think at this age a 110 ct would be just fine to get around and go back and forth to work. I almost bought a 90 years ago but it needed so much work it wasent worth it.
I really like this bike and it's the first one I ever rode.
I wish Honda would start making these again. With gas the way it is this would be good way to get around without hurting your walet.

Editor's Note: Hi Todd...nice story...nice memories. Hope you find that yellow one. I have an orange one with under 1000 original miles if you're interested. Thanks.

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Nov 18, 2011
Not Mine
by: Todd

I must note that red 110 in my photo is not mine. I have lots of photos of CTs and I also said I was after a yellow one. It's not really yellow, it's sort of yellow orange. I don't like just yellow. I don't know the year they painted the that color but it is a neat color. Besides everybody has red, I want to be differant lol.

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