Feel My Pain!

by Bruce
(queens N.Y.)

I have this exact Bike I got a great deal on it,,,it has under 13000 miles on it but...it has rust on the chrome and i need a chrome cleaner that really works can someone with experience in this area please point me oin the right direction..I tried sos pads and it worked but it did leave some scratches is there any thing else the works as good without scratching the chrome? please give feedback.

Editor's Note: Hi, if the rust is pretty severe, in my opinion there is no cleaner that will remove the rust. There will always be pitting, etc. If it's just "surface" rust, I have found that Simichrome has worked very well for me. It's not cheap and it's labor intensive but it's about the best that I have found. "Mothers" polish has been effective as well. Good luck on getting it resolved. I do feel your pain. For me, I wouldn't have bought the bike in a rusty condition. To me there isn't such a thing as a "great deal" on a rusty bike. Thanks.

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