by Ray Denk

I am considering my 1st. buy of a Tryke. I'm in my 70's,but brought a "Beemer" back from Germany after my Milatary stint.My son also has a Harley Ultra Glide & has been "after" me to get a machine to enjoy riding w/ him & my 10 yr. old grandson!

I'm curious about a Tryke w/ an '86 Honda Frontend & a "VW" dual-port rear drive unit. Any thoughts you might give me Re; this type of machine would be greatly appreciated.
Ray Denk @ bsclef@msn.com

Editor's Note: Hi Ray and thanks for your input. I'm not much a a VW aircooled motor fan having owned several VW's and having nothing but problems with those aircooled engines. So you're asking the wrong guy. Buy anything resembling a motorcycle or trike is cool with me.

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