Desperately seeking parts.

by Rea
(Teslin, Yukon)

When I was 5 years old I remember walking down Main Street in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory and seeing all of the new Hondamatics in the big windows of "Hogan's Department Store". I fell in love with the bikes instantly and always wanted one.I had posters of them on my walls in my room and when I was old enough to drive I hunted high and low to buy one but much to my dismay, no one would sell the now discontinued bikes.

Thirty years passed and one in my home town came up for sale. My husband bought it for me and it almost made me cry I was so happy! I love it. Its almost as old as me and it runs great despite that it needs some work done to it.

I have been lucky enough that there are many people out there who appreciate the simple beauty of these bikes so there is a small and very limited market for parts. There is however, some real gaps in areas of need for me. I need to replace the gear shift pedal arm and it has been totally discontinued. I thought I had a line on one but the company sadly sent me word that they did not have any in stock. I am able to ride "Little Beauty" but it is the one last piece of my bike I'd like to be able to replace. I stay hopeful that someone will put one for sale on eBay and do a search for parts once a week just so I don't miss anything if it should pop up.

I love my ride. It is an amazing part of motorcycling history and she is a "Little Beauty".

Editor's Reply: Thanks for your story Rea. You are looking in the right direction. I get many of my needed parts on eBay. Another way to check eBay out is to contact people actually selling a complete bike on an auction and asking them if they have any extra parts for sale. You may be surprised. DO ANY OF MY READERS HAVE THIS PART FOR REA TO PURCHASE? IF SO, CONTACT HER THROUGH THIS FORUM...REA, KEEP AN EYE OUT ON THIS FORUM TOO FOR THE ANSWER YOU'RE LOOKING FOR.

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