Convert my 750 Honda Magna or buy an already converted Trike?

by Melba
(Colorado Springs)

You sold me on the idea of a TRIKE. Your article is great & captures a few basic knowledge items needed for the new trike rider. Thanks! I return to you a query. In your opinion, would it be wise to invest $$ into my 1996 Honday 750 Magna to turn it into a Trike? Understand expense could be around $8K or so. I've owned my Honday since 1998; but rarely ride it these days since I've gotten 'more mature'. (Loss of strength to handle the complexities of the two-wheeled environment.) I want to get back into riding and I love this bike. But, is a 750cc too small for the occassional free-way drives when converted to a trike? My bike has very low mileage; twice I've had a major overhall done on the carberator/liquids due to the fact I don't ride it as much as I should (sits too long). I just had this overhall done with new tires added; so I'm either going to sell it or convert it. If I sell it, I'd love to go with a Trike for my next bike, since your article informs me reverse gear is an option. At 5ft 2in, 170 lbs I have trouble pushing my Honda backwards as it is. Which would be the best option, in your humble opinion?

Editor's Reply: I think the 750 is too small and the engine will be overstressed continually. The only trikes that have reverse "built in" are the goldwings and a couple of others which I would avoid. The goldwing is a good bike as a trike. You might consider the trike I have for sale. It's easy to puch backwards..doesn't have reverse but it's not that heavy and doesn't require balancing so you can just concentrate on pushing it as you need to. Just check the bottom link from any page on the site. Thanks.

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Sep 13, 2015
by: Richard

In my opinion the V65 has enough power. But the chassis is small and you wouldn't want to put on a large sidecar. Also consider a sidecar with its own brakes too as the extra weight would put a stress on the bike's standard braking system. Don't know if the chevette rear axle would be good for a trike. Anyone else have some input on the axle question?

Sep 09, 2015
magna trike
by: Anonymous

Will the magna 1100 v65 have enough power? Also will a Chevy chevette rear axle make a good trike axle?

Mar 12, 2012
tricks of the trade for trikes and sidecars
by: Rich

If the trike does not have reverse, simply remember when you pull into a parking spot, to aim the back of the trike downhill. Learn to pull up and back down the hill or slight incline and you will always be able to just ride forward. I have a sidecar, so it is the same thing. Carry a wheel chock, click it in first gear or use your emergency brake if you have one.

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