Cocadree, La trip

by Russ
(Springfield, Va)

Went on a road trip with my brother, I have the 2004 BMW 1200CLC, he "had" a 1988 HD Electroglide. We left from Houston and before leaving the state he had to stop for gas (and oil), when I finally had to stop he too had to refuel his "hog", his HD did have more power and he like to cruise well about the posted speed limits, but I had cruise, music, and plenty of truck space fro my gear. After the ride he complained about his back and knees, I went fishing!

Editor's Note: That is really the only shortcoming I have with the Beemer R1200clc...the shortage of power. Adequate but not by today's motorcycle standards. Other than that...great bike. And comfortable for the long haul. Thanks for your contribution.

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